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St. Peter Claver Primary School, Kingston

St. Peters

Inner-city schools in Kingston Jamaica have been characterized by impoverishment, crime, and violence for decades. Among the many schools that are faced with such challenges, at last we can say change is possible with the collaboration of all sectors of society. St. Peter Claver Primary school is a true representation of “change from within”. St. Peter Claver Primary School is located in West Kingston and caters to approximately 1000 students between the ages of 6-11. This school’s transformation did not happen over night; however, this school has managed to overcome many issues in their 15 years of operation by creating strong partnerships with the private and public sector, NGOs, academia, and the local community. Not only has St. Peters managed to enhance their educational services by producing better literacy and GSAT scores among their students, but they have successfully extended their support to the community as well. They have acknowledged the importance of family support in regards to academic achievement and future success, and have implemented strategies that involve parents in their child’s educational process, resulting in higher achievement from these students. In doing this they have tackled issues of poverty that affect academic success. They also created extra-curricular activities such as music, arts and physical education to enhance children’s personal and social development while broadening their interests and opportunities.

The reforms in management, teaching techniques, administration, and learning in addition to community supporters and financial donors have proven to create more opportunities for these students and the community by inspiring excellence.

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Sponsorship Funds Breakdown:

Parenting workshops – 4%
Literacy/numeracy – 18%
Performance arts – 30%
Clubs – 13%
Staff training/prof development – 17%
Phys Ed/Team sports – 18%