2010 Scholarship Recipient

Merrice Scully, University of Technology, Jamaica


All my life, while growing up, it was stressed to me how important it is to obtain an education. I have also learned through time, that it is not only obtaining this education that is of importance, but also putting it to use for the benefit of others.

My mother has always been an inspiration to me. She always tries to go further with her education no matter the means or the struggles. She also has been a great contributor to Jamaica as an educator and a role model.

I am truly grateful to be amongst the students that are fortunate enough to be given the chance of pursuing an education. Being able to contribute to my country will be an honour for me in the future. I think it is important for everyone to try and play their part in making Jamaica a better place. Therefore I ensure you that I am taking the necessary steps to do so, and with each step, I myself become more grateful.

My first great educational achievement was obtaining excellent passes in the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT), and thus being permitted to enter one of the best high schools in Jamaica, Bishop Gibson High School for Girls. It is here that I took my education further and sat my CSEC (CXC) examinations. I sat 8 subjects and passed all, receiving distinctions, credits and passes. I then went further and pursued my Caribbean Advance Proficiency Examinations, where I received a diploma. My next step was to attend the University of Technology to Study Medical Technology, where I have just finished my first year and am looking forward to the next. The sciences have always been my favorite subjects and therefore my career choice would naturally be in this field. I enjoy doing research and providing help in anyway I can. It is my intention not to stop here, when I have attained my degree, but to move on and achieve my ultimate goal which is to become a medical doctor.

I believe that achieving these educational goals will enable me to give a contribution to my country (Jamaica). Many people all over the world are exposed to all kinds of illnesses and diseases and Jamaica is not an exception. I hope that with my education I can help in the control, if not eradication, of all illnesses that pose a threat to the nation. I hope that in achieving my educational goals it will inspire others to do the same and help make Jamaica a better place.