How Works:

Choose a Student, Sponsor, Receive Academic Updates, Make an Impact

The below diagram shows briefly how money flows resulting in a global impact.

1) Sponsors like you browse profiles of students in need, and choose someone to sponsor, using PayPal or their credit cards. Sponsors can fund as little as $25 towards someones education.

2) distributes the sponsor funds to the selected student which has been pre-screen by our academic partners and interviewed by one of our board of directors. These students have typically already completed 1 year of university/ college study and have proven to be high academic acheivers.

3) Over time, the student provides regular updates on their academic progress.

4) The process doesn't end here, after the schlorship funds are distributed. Through our international employment services partners, we guide our students through the student to career professional transition stage by provided them with free ongoing career related advice and services worldwide.

Funding Process